Hey Fathers House,

I recently heard about a church pastor who was in the baptismal pool at their church.  Apparently, he liked to talk on a plugged-in microphone to introduce each person being baptized.  Sadly, he dropped the microphone.  He was electrocuted. The only person more shocked than the congregation was the pastor.

Just a reminder that this Sunday night we are going to have a worship night at the church starting at 5:00 pm that will include communion and baptisms along with the normal agenda of worshipping the Lord and enjoying His presence.  If any of you wish to be baptized, this Sunday would be a great time for that.  We believe that baptism is important; important enough that our Lord Jesus Himself was baptized to “fulfill all righteousness.” After Jesus was baptized, the heavens were opened to Him and the Spirit of God came upon Him in the form of a dove.

I’m not saying that a dove will land on you when you are baptized, but there is a cementing of faith that seems to happen.  Baptism is a picture of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  It is also a picture that you are dying to the “old man” and living as a new creation in Christ.  Baptism in and of itself does not save people from their sins.  If it did, all we would need to do is be baptized at birth and we could live the rest of our lives the way we want to. When you enter the waters of baptism, you are saying, “Hey, I’m under new management.  I have a new boss, a new owner.  He calls the shots now. I’ve left the past behind.”

It has been a fun couple of months as we have finished up with the book of Ephesians.  Several people made decisions to follow Christ and among other things, we learned about spiritual warfare and anger management from this amazing epistle.

I’ve begun a new series on Daniel.  I encourage you to read up and become familiar with the book.  We may not all agree on the application of the end-time prophecies that many associate with the book of Daniel, but one thing should not shock any of us.  Jesus is coming back!

Pastor Chuck