When I was a kid, I used to occasionally watch the long ago cancelled “Portland Wrestling.”  Each “match” was carefully choreographed and each winner was pre-determined.  Most eight year olds could see that something was fishy about it, but still it was entertaining to see grown men smash chairs on one another’s heads and ricochet off the ropes only to get clothes-lined by the opponent. Every Saturday night it was on, Dutch Savage and all the wrestlers who had to have jobs on the side just to make ends meet.  Tom Peterson would “wake us up” selling his furniture during commercials and Frank Bonama would announce all the moves that the wrestlers were performing.  Among the moves were “submission” holds, where the guy would be under such duress as to plead submission to the victor, much like getting someone to say “uncle” as you twist their arms and hands into pretzel-like shapes.

As I look at scripture, I see that submission to the Lord is the key to authority in the Christian faith.  Titles mean little.  Degrees mean only so much.  What matters is submission to the Lord in the rooms of our heart.  In God’s perfect timing, authority will be given to us as we continue to submit to God’s Word and to the people that He has put in authority over us.  Nehemiah was one such example; he was the king’s cupbearer, the king’s confidant and the king’s friend.  Mostly, he was totally submitted to the rule of the king.  He was given authority by the king to accomplish a task for the same reason.  He did have to wrestle a few foes along the way; his enemies tried to tie him into mental knots, but he used the authority of the king to help him stay free.

We can do the same.  All we need to do is submit; cry “uncle” to the one who will not tie us up into pretzels, but untie us from the submission strongholds of the enemy.  I wonder if they still have Portland Wrestling on DVD?