It has been said that everybody has a story.  Every life, regardless of how seemingly unimportant, boring and lifeless, has value.  Take my friend Doug.  He was a Christian but he never had a job for more that a year or two.  Though he was bright, he possessed very little material wealth and only had a high school diploma.  He had some annoying tics about him, including throwing shoes at the heads of people driving a car he was riding in; but I digress.  He wasn’t much to look at and was not an actor or an athlete.  He spoke with a lisp.  He never quite fit in.  Yet, my friend was one of the most unforgettable people I have ever met.  He died a few years ago and as unlikely as it may seem, he touched my life like very few ever will.  I smile every time I think of him.

My old high school football coach used to say, “They can’t take that away from you.”   People might not listen to our ideas or agree with our values.  They might completely disagree with our political views or thoughts about how the world ought to be.  They might not want to hear one word about our faith or how great God is.  They may well have some argument against every thought or opinion we have.  There is however, one thing no-one can take away from you:  your testimony…your story.

Simply put, your testimony is what happened and is happening to you.  If God has done something in your life, if there has been a change in the way you live your life since believing in Christ, you have a testimony. You don’t have to be a world class evangelist to reach people for Christ.  You just have to be a real person who is on the way to becoming like Christ with real experiences of how God is working in your actual, day to day life, with your victories and failures.

If others like what is happening to you, they may just want what you have. They might even smile when they think of you; even if your name isn’t Doug.