When we are in peace time, as our Country is now, it is easy to start bickering over things that are not that important.  It is also easy to forget things that are.

I must admit I enjoyed watching speeches from the Republican National Convention; promises about jobs and the future of our country, even Clint Eastwood’s, “Go ahead, make my day.” Republicans are not going to save our souls or fix all our problems, but still, it was nice to hear positive messages about uniting our country to get things done.  Of course, Democrats promise all kinds of things too.  Each makes promises that are not likely to be completely fulfilled; each faces opposition from the other party, making it difficult to move our country in a clear, definite direction.  It has been this way for many decades.

As a nation, we were in trouble in the 1930’s.  My brother Sam, a history teacher, tells me that at the time, many Americans immigrated to Russia for a few years because there were more jobs available there than here.  What brought us out of the great depression was not political rhetoric or even the New Deal of FDR.  It was WWII.  World War II got us thinking about a foreign enemy, enemies actually, and stopped the infighting and stagnation of our own economic woes.  We were unified in fighting the enemy.  The media, Democrats, Republicans and even Hollywood, were all united behind the war effort.  Our economy boomed and the USA became the power it is today.  Unified in purpose, we defeated our enemies.

In a way, the church is like our country.  When we are united, together serving our Lord and fighting our common enemy, we accomplish great things.

Go ahead, make my day.