I loved watching the old Seahawks.  Nothing against the new Seahawks mind you, but to me, the old team was just a lot more fun to watch.  There was Jim Zorn, the southpaw QB throwing to the future congressman from Oklahoma, Steve Largent.  The coach, Jack Patera, was hired from the Minnesota Vikings, and in their first season in 1976, the team went 2-12.  I didn’t care.  There was football in Seattle!  It’s funny, but as time goes by, expectations change.  Now, I watch them play from time to time and it doesn’t feel the same, at least to me.  They are much better than they were then, but I don’t care.  The fun factor has escaped me.  Maybe that is because I have grown older and it just isn’t as important.  Maybe I have the feeling of, same old, same old.  I’m not sure.

The church can be like that.  People who have been around awhile wistfully remember the good old days, when church was church!  The songs were more meaningful, the preaching better, the clothing was more dignified.  Some will remember the great move of the Holy Spirit in Toronto in the 90’s or the Jesus movement in the 70’s or the charismatic movement of the 80’s.  Most church movements seem to start with a bang and end up with a fizzle. Over time, it is easy for the church to become an organization rather than an organism.  Organizations are buildings and methods, an organism is alive.

Romans 3:21-26 has been called by some the focal point of the Bible.  It explains in simple, straightforward terms the meaning of what it is to be a Christian and what the church should be about.  The church is not about worship styles or the clothes people wear.  It is a living, breathing body of Christ, ever changing, serving the changeless one; sinners saved by grace with the power of the blood of Jesus giving us authority to do the work of God on earth.  Ok, I’m getting older.  Go Seahawks.