I think it was my second VW bus.  I was driving a bunch of kids from youth group to Dairy Queen on Ocean Beach and saw the blinking red and blue lights behind me.  I pulled over and a most serious officer came out and asked for my license and registration and walked back to the car.  I had been going over the speed limit and he rightly pulled me over.  I didn’t actually know I was going over the speed limit; in true VW bus fashion, my speedometer didn’t work.

He came back to the car and the now friendly officer told me to slow down next time and walked away.  I was amazed.  I deserved the ticket.  I had broken the law and fully expected him to let me have it.  Instead, he showed me grace.  (I have a funny feeling they showed me grace because I am related to a police officer.)

You and I deserve all that is coming to us from the Lord.  We have all committed sins and all of us have broken God’s laws.  If God was fair, He would sentence us, condemning us to pay for the failure to live up to His righteous standard.  Instead, He decided to have His Son pay the ticket.  Because God’s Son paid for my crimes, the Judge decided to let me off.  (I have a funny feeling He showed me grace because I am related to His Son.)  I am now called a child of God!  I deserve no mercy.  He just gave me some anyway.  Romans 5:8 reminds me that “while I was yet a sinner, Christ died for me.”

Many times, we sin not even aware that we are sinning.  Like the VW’s broken speedometer, we don’t know just how much we are breaking the law.  Thank God that He sent His Son to pay the price for all the times we willingly break God’s laws and when we break them not knowing.