My late uncle was an interesting guy. In fact, he was amazingly interesting. He told me once that he used to be famous people in his past lives; from queens and kings to various leaders in business and government; all of them important, all of them powerful and well known. He had a “reading” done by some mystic who had him convinced that he was really all those people during his many lives on earth. That’s quite a resume! Sadly, he was currently unemployed and divorced without a home and a family that largely disowned him.

Jesus, on the other hand, had quite a family history Himself. His bloodline consisted of some well known heroes like David and Abraham. He also had the likes of Rahab the prostitute, the great-grandmother of David in the list of people in His genealogy. She may have started as a prostitute, but her one act of courageous faith changed her destiny.

You would think that the King of Kings would only have high ranking, top of the food chain, earthly kings and priests. But, He not only had Rahab, but Tamar, the woman who committed incest and some others who were very average people, full of frailty and weakness.

It gives me hope that Jesus loves people and can change and use anyone, regardless of their past.

A few years later, my uncle came to church, attended a class for new believers and interested non-believers, found out there is but one God in three persons and that there is only one life and time period we get to live in, and as far as I know, received Jesus; in this life. Now, that’s interesting.