Captain’s log; 1-26-2013

I’m not a trekkie. I just thought I should let you know, lest you consider inviting me to a Trek convention.

Captain James T Kirk always ran a tight ship. His underlings never questioned his orders, never rebelled or caused a mutiny; they were all part of one big, happy fleet in service to the Federation, fighting against the evil Kling-ons. His officers and crewmen loved him; they were willing to die for him and whatever job they were assigned, regardless of how small or seemingly insignificant, they did with dignified purpose. Even the crewmen who were only seen in one episode, killed off by some evil creature, did so without complaint. Off-screen however, the real James T Kirk was not so well loved. You see, in the real world, people fight for position and recognition. William Shatner would often ask for scripts to be rewritten so that his character would get more lines and the likes of Chekov, Uhura, Mr. Scott and Sulu would slowly but surely get their lines cut most every episode.

The Captain of the Host runs a tight ship too. He is not particularly on one earthly side or the other. He is on His own side. The Captain wants allegiance, but only if given freely, without coercion or manipulation. He is looking for folks who are willing to live and even die for Him and His Kingdom. He is actively seeking those who are willing to have their “lines” cut if He so chooses; He is also looking for those who are willing to have more lines added if He so calls them to do that.

The Captain may ask us to let go of some of our “Cling-ons”, that is, things that war against our soul; pride, selfishness, lust of the eyes, that sort of thing.

Like I said, I’m not a trekkie; I think I’ll drink some Romulan Ale and feed my tribbles while I ask the computer where some Dilythium Crystals can be found. Live long and prosper.