I’ll never forget waking up one morning years ago to go to work. I had breakfast in our upstairs apartment and rushed down the stairs to get in my way-cool chick- magnet of a car; my white chevette. At least I know Nancy didn’t marry me because of the car. I was stunned to see that the back passenger side window was gone and upon close inspection, my stereo was gone too. I thought, “Who would possibly want to steal a chevette window?” My wife probably thought, “I wish they would have taken the whole car.” But I digress.
It is wise to understand that there are certain things that no thief could ever steal from us. My old football coach used to say, “They can’t take that away from you.” He would tell us about all the things that others could take from us; awards, jobs, promotions, positions and the like. Then he would talk about the kinds of things that no one could steal; character, integrity and work ethic. I would like to add one more thing to his list of things that no one can steal; a testimony.
If you are a Christian, if God has done anything for you, if God means anything to you, if you have a past and a future, you have a testimony. The world may turn you off if you preach at them, they might not care about the good music you listen too or the preacher you heard on TV. They can scoff at those things. If you are living a life with humility and truth, walking out in real life what you say you believe, they just might want to hear about them one day. There is one thing they can’t take away from you however; your story; your testimony. Only you have a testimony that is yours. Someone in the world needs to hear it. And sometime, at the right time, if you have earned the right to be heard because of your actions, they will listen.
Even if you drive a chevette