I have a friend who loves projects. The feeling of starting something new makes him happier than a tornado in a trailer park. He just doesn’t love to finish them. Few things in life bug me more than starting a project and not finishing it. A few years back, I built a deck in our backyard. I grabbed my hammer and skill saw and went to work. I determined that I would start and just keep going until I finished. A week later it was mostly done. Usable, not completely finished, but usable. Over the next few weeks, a few fine touches were added on. Just one problem; the deck wasn’t completely solid. Fall and winter arrived and the thought of the deck not being absolutely solid bugged me all winter. Every-time I would look at it, all I could think of about was what an idiot I was for not doing it right the first time and that it had to be fixed. As soon as the weather turned nice, my son and I shored it up. I could then sleep peacefully. I just had to finish it.

Paul reminds us in Philippians that “He who began a good work in us will be faithful to complete it.” The great carpenter, Jesus, is more than capable of not just starting a work in you and I, but also completing it. He takes His tools and uses them masterfully to make you and I into the people He has always desired us to be. He allows us to grow stronger through trials, but never leaves us. He allows temptation to come at us, but never more than we can handle. He exposes our sinful nature then brings light into our darkness. All the while, He increases our capacity to love God, others and ourselves by revealing His incredible love for us. He increases our knowledge of Himself and gives us wisdom and discernment way beyond our natural capabilities. He will complete the job. He loves projects.