“Here comes trouble.” We all know or have known someone who has been known as trouble. He or she walks into a room and immediately, tension fills the room. You suspect that soon and very soon conflict or chaos or some kind of drama is about to unfold.

Some people have been labeled that way and they have a past to prove it. Many of these same people don’t like their label and are beginning to prove that they are not that same man or woman any longer. Something has happened to them, often a very large problem or trial or difficulty and that person formerly known as trouble becomes a humble, moldable, teachable person. I love that. I believe God does too.

The Bible tells us of a man whose name actually means trouble. Achan was his name and trouble was indeed his game. He singlehandedly caused his own people, the Israelites, to lose a battle; in fact, 36 of his own innocent countrymen died solely because of him. He himself caused the Lord’s anger to burn against the entire nation of Hebrews, so much so that the Lord said that if the sin of Achan wasn’t taken care of, the Lord would withdraw His presence, His protection and provision from the Jews. Talk about trouble!

Achan represents trouble in our own lives. Trouble can come to us when we have been leading a secret life; we think our sins have been hidden from everyone’s view, yet the Lord sees and wants to deliver us from them and their ravaging effects. Troubles will still come our way even when we are living righteously. But the Lord will use those troubles to draw us closer to Him and make us into better people. So, He allows it from time to time for our growth and benefit.

Here comes trouble.