An earthquake was coming; predicted to hit at an exact day and hour. A doomsday prophet-seismologist had predicted a major earthquake to hit in April of 1981 in Southern California. I was in school there at the time and a few of us decided to get out of town for the day of the coming catastrophe. We traveled to Las Vegas where one of the friend’s dads could let us stay a night or two free in that Casino where he worked. Meanwhile, the ones who stayed behind threw a giant earthquake party. The dreaded earthquake never happened and we took some well-deserved barbs for fleeing the area like little cowards. The prophet had been right a time or two before so they say and well, we didn’t want to take any chances. In essence, we worried about nothing. We spent time and energy worrying and acting upon our fears.
Peace is the opposite of worry. There are all kinds of things to worry about in this world. It is said that of all the things that we worry about, only 8% actually happen. Worry actually causes much more damage than the actual possible event would anyway. It eats at your insides, it clouds your mind from living in reality, makes you more susceptible to disease and mostly, just makes you miserable.
Jesus offers you and I peace that passes understanding. It is a peace that no medicine, no drug, no guru or activity could match. This peace comes from four things; rejoicing at all times, giving God your worries through prayer, getting your mind to think about good things and then actually doing the things God asks you to do.
Peace in the storm. Even in an earthquake. Next time, I’ll throw a party.