One of the greatest vacations I ever enjoyed was when Nancy and I went with our friends on a Carnival cruise to the Caribbean. We walked up a river in Jamaica and laid around on a beach in the Grand Caymans. Mostly, it was a blast just being on the ship; the weather was perfect, the ocean calm, the bands were rockin’ and the food was good-n-plenty. Some Carnival cruise passengers haven’t been so lucky. Especially those on the ship Triumph. These unfortunate passengers suffered on a ship adrift in the ocean without electrical power and sewage pumping. Talk about stink. Carnival offered each passenger $500.00 and gave each a full refund as well as a voucher for a free cruise to be taken later. I’m not sure many will take them up on that one. As bad as it was on the ship at times, I’m sure many passengers felt like jumping overboard, just to escape the miserable stench, brutal heat and rotting food. As tempting as it was to get off, the safest thing to do was to stay on the ship.

We are tempted sometimes to “get off the ship.” In Acts 27, Paul advised the crew taking him and other passengers (criminals mostly) to stay on the ship even when the ship was being blasted apart from the wind and waves.

I believe God is telling us through this story to “stay on the ship.” Keep on with worship, fellowship and practicing stewardship with the things God has allowed you to have. It can be tempting to jump off the ship when things get tough and you and I face contrary winds that are blowing in the opposite direction of where we want to go.

To add insult to injury, just a few days ago, Triumph was moored at a facility to bring it back to full sailing capacity when the ropes holding the ship came loose and once again the Triumph was adrift at sea. If we are to triumph in our spiritual life, we need to stay in the ship, safely moored to the Lord Jesus. Stay in the ship.