I just met with an old pastor friend of mine who was in town the other day. He hadn’t been to Longview for years and is now living in a southern state where water only falls out of the sky when you turn your sprinkler on. He had forgotten how green everything is here. He lived here for many years, but he had to see it again for himself to remember the beauty of the Northwest. Of course, he has been here all week with the sweet weather we’ve been experiencing. It’s easy to enjoy our surroundings when all in life is going well. The kids are behaved, the job is secure, the car is running right, your neighbors get along with you, you have money in the bank; the Mariners are on a 2 game win-streak. Life is good. Even problems that occur aren’t that big of a deal. The sunshine of life is hitting you pretty good right now. You might even have the rarest of sightings around these parts; a suntan. Suddenly however, there seems to be a chink in the armor; a monkey in the wrench, a fly in the ointment. Perhaps it’s just life. Then again, maybe it’s something more. Perhaps the devil and his minions are working overtime to steal, to kill and to destroy you.

Michael the archangel was arguing with the devil who himself was a former archangel. Michael was certainly Lucifer’s equal and perhaps more. You would think that Michael might just start pounding on him; after-all, Michael is a warring angel. Instead, Michael said four words that ought to be our battle cry in the unseen battle for the souls of men. Jude 9 tells us what Michael said to the devil. “The Lord rebuke you.” I don’t know what is happening in your life or family right now, but rest assured, God knows. He cares. He is fully capable of handling the devil. Why not learn to say, “The Lord rebuke you.” Even when the sun don’t shine.