It has been said that every Seinfeld episode had a reference of some kind to Superman.  According to the writers of the show, it was an accident that he became the go-to guy for a laugh, but was not in every episode.  Once, while driving his car that had some kind of brutal body odor left by some mechanic, Seinfeld cried out, “Even Superman couldn’t handle this stink!”

I haven’t seen the new movie, Man of Steel yet.  I did see the original Superman with Christopher Reeve and his nemesis Lex Luthor  played by Gene Hackman.  Luthor was always trying to destroy Superman or at least make him weak and powerless so that he could take over the world.  Superman could do anything; leap tall buildings with a single bound, go faster than a speeding bullet, etc.  Only one thing could possibly stop the Man of Steel and render him all but useless; Kryptonite.

Elijah, the incredibly powerful prophet of the Lord, raised a boy from the dead, fed a starving widow, upstaged and finally did away with 450 prophets of Baal; he was seemingly invincible, he had but one enemy capable of rendering him all but useless: Jezebel.  Jezebel, whose very name means “Baal is god,” was in effect, Elijah’s Kryptonite. This woman had powers beyond just a simple nagging, power hungry queen.  She had massacred perhaps hundreds of the Lord’s prophets and threatened to do the same to Elijah. He was terrified and hid in a cave alone, desiring to die. In the middle of all this, God spoke to Him.  Not in a loud obvious burning bush kind of way; He spoke to Elijah in a still, small voice.  The voice of God restored the prophet and gave him renewed hope and courage.  Sometimes, even Superman can’t handle the stink that the world throws our way.  God’s gentle, still small voice is there to renew our courage and refresh our faith; regardless of the stink.