I remember my first day of football practice when I was in junior high. I had seen pro games on TV and had a nice collection of posters from every team in the league on the walls. I was dreaming of throwing touchdowns and all the fun stuff that football seemed to be. Until my first practice that is.
We spent the whole practice running, doing miserable bear crawls, blocking without pads on and generally doing nothing like the stuff I had seen on TV. Until the last game, we hadn’t even attempted a pass. Nope. It was a daily routine of running, blocking, tackling, bear crawls, stretching and pushups. It wasn’t at all what I thought it would be. The last game, in fact the last play of the last game, I finally got to throw my one and only pass and it ended up being a touchdown. I guess I went out with a bang.
Both Elijah and Elisha were men with a nature like ours, living in a world darkened by sin. Elijah did many miracles and Elisha, his son in the faith, did twice as many. Well, almost. You see, Elisha died one miracle short of doing exactly twice the number of major miracles that Elijah had done. He needed just one more. That one more came when he was dead, in the grave, not yet shoveled over with dirt. Someone had thrown a dead soldier into the grave with him and when the soldiers’ body hit Elisha’s, the soldier instantly came back to life. Talk about Elisha going out with a bang!
You and I never know who we are influencing and touching. Often, our times of influence happen when we are not even aware of it. Most of the time, our faith walk is a routine. Rare is the miracle. Rare is the “touchdown pass.” But, our regular routine following of the Lord, Bible reading, praying, going to church, etc. can lead us to be used by God for the miraculous. Just no bear crawls please.