I was about 14 or so when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure.  The doctor did not prescribe pills or medication; he just told me to relax and maybe more importantly, not add salt to what I was eating.  Love salt.  I didn’t realize how much salt I was consuming.  Every can of soup, chili, hot dog, pop and most everything else had generous amounts of salt and with my adding several shakes worth, especially to French fries, it added up to high readings.

Salt is a purifying agent.  It can also be a symbol of friendship.  In fact, to eat a person’s salt is still regarded as a sign of friendship in some Arab cultures today.

Jesus told us to “Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another.”  He also said that we are the salt of the earth.  Another way to put it is that we are purifying agents on the earth.  Salt is used to fertilize soil as well.

Elisha put salt into water that was polluted, so much so that people were dying from drinking the bad water.  When Elisha put salt into it, the water was healed.  When Jesus called us the salt of the earth, he was saying we are healing agents.  We are the ones who help bring about reconciliation.  We are the ones who forgive and introduce people to the Savior in this world polluted by sin and selfishness.

I have never had to use medication for blood pressure.  I almost never add salt to my food.  There’s  plenty of it already.  So, the same is true for the “salt” in me.  It’s already there; I just need to activate it by being open and ready for the Holy Spirit to work in and through me.  No need to add to French fries; fry sauce will do.