When Rocky first came out in 1976, there was a scene in the movie where he swallowed five raw eggs in the morning to get protein for his daily workout. Of course, my friends and I all tried to do the same. We figured we shouldn’t do five right away, we should start with one and work our way up. So, one by one, we made the attempt to swallow; all of us gagged and or vomited at just one egg. I don’t recall any other attempts.

If you had known Jonah prior to his call to Nineveh, you might have thought he was a good egg. He was, after-all, a prophet of the living God. He loved and served God. That is, he served God until God asked him to do something he didn’t want to do. He ran away from God’s presence as fast as he could. The good egg had gone bad.

If you are a Christian, eventually the Lord will ask you to do something you would rather not do. You will be asked to talk to people who you don’t like. You will be asked to care for those who can never do anything for you. You will be asked to give time and money to those who could never pay you back. You will be asked to say no when the popular thing is to say yes. Like Jonah, it is very tempting to run. Like God, it is certain that He will find you in your attempt to escape.

Jonah found himself caught by God in the belly of a great fish. Jonah, the good egg turned bad, now sorry and repentant, became a raw egg; a raw, humble scrambled egg, at the mercy of a giant fish swimming in the Mediterranean. Three days later, this raw egg was vomited out on dry land, ready now to do the will of His Lord.

I’m no Rocky, but I do like my eggs just a little runny. I just don’t want to be a running egg.