“Here comes the pitch, the ball is swung on and belted deep to left field, back to the track, to the wall, that ball will fly, fly away!” Nobody called a better game on the radio than the late great Dave Niehaus, the former play-by-play announcer for the Seattle Mariners. He would tell engaging stories about old ballplayers to fill airtime when the game was slow and when something great would happen, his descriptions were sometimes better than actually watching the game. He had a great line for Mariner grand slams; “Get out the rye bread and mustard, Grandma, it is grand salami time!”
One day soon, those of us still living when Christ returns will “fly, fly away.” As incredible as it sounds, we will meet Jesus Himself in the air and will then always be with the Lord. We are going to be taking a sweet flight, first class, on angel airlines, straight to Heavenly Gates Eternal Spa and Resort. This week we will begin to take a look at I and II Thessalonians, among the first epistles written by Paul, chock full of references to the second coming of Christ. He said these words should be shared and that they would bring encouragement to people.
Of course, to meet the Lord in air on angel airlines requires a ticket, just like any airline. This ticket is expensive. So expensive that Bill Gates couldn’t afford to even fly coach. NO, this ticket cannot be bought by the kind of wealth generated by anyone here on earth. This ticket had to be paid by someone from another place, a place of unlimited riches. The good news is that it was! Better news yet is that everyone’s ticket has been paid for; anyone can fly. They simply have to redeem the ticket. They redeem the ticket by confessing they could never pay the ticket themselves. Jesus, the One we will meet in the air, paid the ticket. “Here comes the Son…we will fly, fly away…”