I like old TV shows; ones like Gilligan’s Island, Hogan’s Heroes, SCTV, Green Acres, Get Smart and the Andy Griffith show. I remember driving somewhere with a friend of mine and he was a “trekkie” kind of guy. He knew every minute detail of Star Trek, every episode; he and his other trek friends would practically speak Kling-on. As we were driving along, he began asking if I was a fan of the show. I told him I had watched from time to time but didn’t know too much about the show. He then wanted to find out how much I knew. He began with the simple questions about Spock and Dr. McCoy and worked his way through tribbles and Romulans. I wanted to tell him “I don’t know what you are talking about!” But, sadly, I knew every answer. Could it be possible? Was I a trekkie? No!!! It can’t be! I knew and remembered everything.

Jesus talked about remembering too. He said we should remember Him when we take communion. He told us to get things right with people when we remember that they have an issue with us. He told us to remember a few things that happened back in the Old Testament and a few famous people and stories from those days as well. Only once however, did He mention specifically to remember a person. You might think it would be David or Moses or Elijah or even Jonah. He did talk about those people. They were important. But only once were we told to remember a person. That person was Lot’s wife.

Not much is known about her except that she looked back at Sodom when it was being destroyed when she was warned not too. Looking back can be a fun thing to do now and then. Enjoying pictures of your kids when they were younger, thinking about your first kiss or even your first time you got to drive “solo.” On the other hand, looking back can cripple you, especially if you can’t move on from past things…both bad and good. It can cause you to hold too tightly to possessions that need to be sold, given away or thrown away. It can cause you to live in fear, it can cause you to live in bitterness. Look back on good things and let go of things bad and good, live in the present and trust God for the future. Star date 9-15-2013.