Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 09.49.16ABC gum; that stands for Already Been Chewed gum, I think most of us knew friends in Jr. High who had no problem chewing gum previously enjoyed by someone else.  Maybe you were one of them.  Some birds will feed their young with food they have already eaten; vomited up for their chicks.  I’m hungry, how about you?  Ok, it’s a little gross.

Psalm 1 describes a person who is blessed.  Maybe not the blessing of a huge home or a fancy car, but blessed just the same.  The word blessed actually means happy, or a state of blessedness.  One of the key ingredients to long lasting happiness or blessedness is meditation.  Not the kind of meditation where you sit in the lotus position and chant UHMMMM.  No, it’s the kind where you think about a passage of scripture and you chew on it and chew on it and swallow it and bring it up again and chew some more, in the same fashion as a cow chews on her cud.  The word of God is such that each time we think about a passage or we reread a passage, something new will pop up.  You’ll think to yourself, “I can’t believe I never saw that before!”

So, in a sense, a key to blessedness is ABC scripture meditation.  Already Been Chewed; I am hungry, how about you?