I remember my first kiss.  I was in 7th grade at a party; not a birthday party where my friends and I would play wiffle-ball in the yard, but the kind where girls were there! Records were the big thing then, we danced to the likes of Jim Croce, Bread and Elton John.  Anyway, we were playing a game I had only heard of; spin the bottle.  I don’t remember who spun the bottle, but I do remember a girl planting a long, big, wet, slobbery kiss on me that night…right on the lips mind you!  It began to dawn on me that perhaps kissing could somehow be better than wiffle-ball.

Occasionally we see kisses being mentioned in the Bible.  Jacob kissed his father Isaac, the bride of Solomon talks about the joy of kissing him, and on the negative side, Judas famous kiss of Christ’s betrayal.  One thousand years before Jesus was born, David prophesies about the coming Messiah, the Anointed One in Psalm 2.  He talks of the kings of the world coming together in defiance against God and then says the Son of God would come one day to possess all the nations of the world.  He then writes a rather strange statement.  He says, “Kiss the Son, lest He be angry with you.”  The word kiss in this instance means to pay homage. In other words, worship and honor Jesus.  Submit to the true King of Kings and the way of God in your life will remain open.  Refuse to “Kiss the Son” and the blessing of God will close.

This kiss is the best kind of kiss, to honor and worship Christ; better than my first kiss, somehow better still than wiffle-b