I remember turning 13.  I had a face full of pimples, I was pretty tall for my age and I had the grooviest brown head of Greg Brady approved hair in the greater Longview-Kelso area.  It was bushy and long and I loved it. My parents had to be just a little horrified. Having your kids turn 13 can be a scary time for many adults.  Why?  They remember being 13!  It is said that up to the age of 12, kids see their parents as knowing almost everything.  At the age of 13, they start to wonder if their parents know anything!  It is an age of transition.  It is often an age of worry too.

2013 was a year full of transition in our nation.  Gay marriage and pot became legal in many states, the IRS targeted people who were Christians or opposed abortion, and Obama-care hasn’t exactly been all that was promised.  I’m kind of glad he didn’t say, “If you like your pastor, you can keep your pastor.”

The 13th day of the last month in the calendar year during the Bible time of Queen Esther was the day determined to be when the all Jews were to be killed; women, men, and children.  The evil Haman had devised a plan to eliminate all of them and had the signed document from the King in order to carry out his fiendish plan.  To every evil plan, to every devilish purpose, God has set aside for Himself those who will stand against it.  Those who will not give up, those who will be bathed in the Holy Spirit, ready to do what must be done in order for the Kingdom of God to advance and the forces of hell vanquished.  Esther was just such a one, “chosen for such a time like this.”  God’s favor rested on her.  I think there are things to be learned about Esther that apply to you and I today as we go through trials and difficulties in our personal lives and elsewhere. God has called you and I to carry His hand of favor.  The 13th day meant for destruction of the Jews became a day of victory, and in fact became a day when the Jews destroyed the people that were going to kill them.  The 14th became a day of celebration; the feast of Purim, still celebrated today.

I’d still have long hair but I would look less like Greg Brady and more like Gandolph the Grey.  I think I’ll keep it short.  My kids are thankful.