I’ll never forget my first day I had at Disneyland.  I went on the “easy-rides” first; Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and Pirates of the Caribbean.  I only had 2 “E ticket” rides I could use, (that dates me I know.)  Actually, the day is largely forgotten except for my one and only ride on the scary Matterhorn.  I remember waiting in line for a long time, hearing screams coming from the caverns of the fake, dark inside of the mountain.  As I entered the final “gate” before climbing in the sled, I remember the sheer terror I felt.  True, I didn’t see anyone die or fall off the ride but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t be the first.  Add to that the fact that I often got car sick and well, this was an event I did only for bragging rights to my friends when I saw them after spring break; I dared not go back and confess Dumbo was the most wild ride I took.  I could have bailed out at the final gate; everything in me wanted too; but I followed through and lived to tell the tale.  I’m glad I did.

The Bible speaks of entering the gates of righteousness, the gates of praise and thanksgiving and the easy, wide gate that leads to destruction and the difficult, narrow gate that leads to life.  On what we now refer to as Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem to begin His final week on earth before His crucifixion and resurrection.  A full third of the gospel accounts refer to this last week of His life.  It changed all of history.  It all began as He rode on a donkey through the gate to Jerusalem, under a carpet of clothes, palm tree leaves and willows.  In those days, the Palm was used to signify victory and the willow was used to signify death and misery.  Jesus was to have both in the coming days. The gate Jesus rode through means that you and I can go through it as well; He brought salvation, joy and success to us.  The line is long on this ride and there are those who will try to entice you to ride Peter Pan and Pinocchio; they’ll try to keep you from going through the narrow gate to get on the scary, exciting Matterhorn.

Don’t settle for Dumbo; the narrow gate is worth the wait…Definitely an E ticket.