God leaves very little to chance.  When He created man, He made his body with incredible systems; digestive, muscular, circulatory and others to sustain life.  His care goes beyond our amazing bodies.  He created the world for people to inhabit and rule over and enjoy.  He watches over us, knows everything about us; He in fact knows every hair on our heads.  (For some it is easier than others.) If it weren’t enough that God Himself watches and cares for us, He has sent angels to keep us in all our ways.  God protects and loves us and angels are just one more proof of that very thing.  The only chance He took was giving man choice.  He gave us the choice to eat what we want, worship who we want and even to make movies the way we want.  O boy.


“Noah,” ( the movie, not the actual Noah) makes it seem as though the world was created for animals, that in fact, animals are more important to God than people are.  In the film, fallen angels rebelled against God to help people.  Fallen angels help people? Demons help people? The name of God is never mentioned; He is referred to as “Creator.”  Sadly, Creator is portrayed as being mean, cruel, uncaring, and without mercy toward men.  The film does reveal the wickedness of men, but according to the movie, mankind’s number one sin is the eating of animals.  Noah is shown to be a psychopath, who in the end rebels against God to show mercy to his own grandchildren who Creator told him to slay.  None of those things are found in the actual Biblical account.  When Rolling Stone and Time magazine are giving the film huge thumbs up, it ought to tell us something!  When all is said and done, God is the bad guy here and fallen angels are good.  I think the real Noah might be rolling in his grave.


Thankfully, the God revealed in the pages of the Bible loves, forgives, cares, full of mercy and longsuffering toward men; He sent angels to help and protect us.  God’s angels accompany us in this world and will be with us as we transition from this world to the next.