I used to give guitar lessons.  In fact, I had a waiting list.  I had so many students that I sadly didn’t even know all their names. It was at a time when every kid seemed to want to play guitar.  They all wanted to be Eddie Van Halen within a few weeks.  They watched MTV…the crowds, the fans, the money, the cars, the fame…I get it.  They figured just signing up for lessons would pretty much get the job done.  As anyone knows who has played an instrument, it just doesn’t work that way.  

One young student would bring songs on a CD for me to listen to and then to show him how to play the song.  I would listen and then play the song for him and he would say, “No, that’s not how it goes.”  Then, he would proceed to grab his guitar and play the song and say, “that is how it goes.”  He didn’t know how badly he stunk at playing. He barely knew how to tune his guitar, much less play it, but I took his money anyway. Suffice to say, I didn’t teach him much.  For some strange reason, he never got any better. He was not teachable; he was not “poor in spirit.”

Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”  

When you and I are poor in spirit, we are teachable.  We listen, we learn, we admit we are broken, that we need a Savior; that we need help and we need Jesus all the time in everyday life.  He will show us how to play the song if we remain poor in spirit.  

I could use the lessons.