I love recliners.  Big, comfy recliners where you can eat a sandwich, relax, read, watch TV or curl up and snooze after you’ve done all of the above.  We have an older lazy boy that seems to fit just right, very comfortable.  It creaks and pops when you recline and when you sit up.  I don’t mind.  I like comfort, especially when I am extra tired.

Sometimes, when you watch a great athlete or a great musician, you might hear someone say, “That guy is bad…”  I’ve seen movies with mafia types and the nicknames are often the opposite of what they seem to be.  An overweight guy is known as “Tiny,” a skinny guy is “Fat Tony” and so on.  When Jesus is giving us His instruction manual on happiness, He seems to be saying the opposite of what we would think would bring it about.  He said, “Blessed are they that mourn, they shall be comforted.”  In effect, “Blessed are the miserable, for they will feel better.”    They will be comforted.  

As a son or daughter of God, whatever you might be going through, pain, confusion, hurt, prolonged illness, financial stress…God is there.  He may seem very distant, but He is closer than you think.  You might feel all alone, you might sense that the trouble will never end, but comfort is on the way.  Trials eventually end.  They have a purpose and they have a designated time when they will cease.

Mourning over the lost, mourning over family members who have lost their way, mourning over other’s hurts is part of the deal for followers of Christ who care about others.  But, comfort is coming.

He never promised that life would be easy or fun. He did promise that He would never leave us or forsake us and that comfort was coming for those who go through sadness. He is inviting us to recline in His lazy boy and enjoy our times of refreshing from Him.   I might even have a sandwich.