I love to eat, but I can’t remember the last time I was truly famished.  Oh, I get a little hungry now and then, but starving?  Not really.  I don’t often arrive late to the chow line and as you might suspect, I have eaten plenty regular meals throughout my lifetime.  I have a friend who lives in Bulgaria.  He pastors a small church there and a few years ago, I went to visit him, preach and work with his ministry team.  He walked me around the streets of Sophia, (the largest city there) and showed me the various points of interest.  He explained that under communist rule, the stores were largely empty and people were allowed only limited access to items such as bananas and apples.  Even Coke and Pepsi were rationed…only a few per month were sold to each family.  They experienced hunger.  Hunger can make you desperate.  

In America, thankfully, few of us lack the basics like food or shelter or even some luxuries.  Most everyone has a car; even most poor people have cell phones and cable TV.  Food is available seemingly everywhere.  We have come to expect the food to appear on our tables and the government to meet our needs.  Though there are exceptions, few are truly desperate; we are so well fed.

Spiritually speaking, being hungry and even desperate for God’s presence is a pretty rare occurrence.  We have been pretty well fed…church, radio, TV, etc.  If we could only get a glimpse into the Spirit realm, to see and know what God is like and how He loves us so, I suspect we would become desperate for more of God, more of His Spirit.  This desire for more brings satisfaction.  Jesus put it this way, “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” I believe of all the beatitudes, this one is most important.  Do I really hunger and thirst after God?  I have to admit that my answer is often “No.” I’m often more interested in being on time at the restaurant or ballgame than I am spending my personal time with God. I want God to fill me with more hunger for Him and less for the world.  Lord, make me famished.