It all seemed so unfair. Men had been hired early in the morning to work in the fields all day in the hot sun were told they were to paid $150.00 at the end of the day. Other men were hired at noon and still others began working at 3:30, a few hours from quitting time. At the end of the day, the guys who started work last received $150.00. The guys who had been there all day had to start calculating just how much more they would receive than the guys who had just worked a few hours.

The guys hired at noon received $150.00 as well. The men who worked from the break of day thought, “Well, it must be that all who were hired in the afternoon received the same pay. Ok, fair enough. I’m sure we will be compensated more. After all, we worked longer.” The workers who were hired at the beginning of the day were now getting paid. They received exactly the amount promised, $150.00. They were surprised and just a little ticked. That is a paraphrase of one of Jesus’ parables.

In God’s economy, in God’s Kingdom, things are not calculated the same way they are here. We think that certain people are more important than others based on their job title. Even in the church, some might imagine that pastors, worship leaders, teachers and elders are more important to God than those who care for children quietly out of the sight of others in the nursery. We might think that there is a kind of “flow chart” of importance. Organizationally, yes it would be true. There are certain people who have to make decisions and “lead the ship.” God has given us some solid leaders who have been doing just that.

But, to God, it all pays the same. Those who have a public gifting to speak, prophecy, heal, administrate or play an instrument receive the same pay as those who pick up garbage after service or help set up the coffee or welcome those who come into the church or minister to people when they come forward for prayer or visit the sick in hospitals. You see, unlike us, God sees the heart. He is keeping score and He pays good wages based on our doing what He has called us to do. Simple really…love God and love people. You don’t have to be a superstar on stage to get God’s attention.

Aren’t you glad God isn’t fair?