I won’t ever forget my first day as a garbage man. It was long and tiring; Brutal actually. We thought we would be done in a few short hours, instead it took about twelve. After delivering my last load of trash to the dump, I headed for the fuel station. I knew enough to put diesel in the truck (I’m no fool) but I wasn’t entirely sure just where to put it. There were a couple of options both of which seemed like they could be where the diesel should go. So…I sort of flipped a coin in my head and filled up the truck. Off I went down the road only to notice in my mirror that diesel was pouring out of the tank I had just completely filled. Bummer. I filled up the wrong tank. The diesel had to get flushed out of the tank for the truck to run properly. I had put diesel where something else was supposed to go.

Many of us are unaware that we have put the wrong fuel in our lives. We don’t know that it is slowing us down and keeping us from being the people God has always intended for us to be. Selfishness, hatred, bitterness, greed, sexual immorality and a love of money and the world have cheated us out of the life God has for us.

God, ever kind and merciful, is more than able to flush the tank. He is ready to fill you with Himself, with His Spirit. He is able to transform the lost, yes, even those who seem to be beyond hope and not only restore them, but put them on a new path. He can take people who are in the “garbage dump” and make them royalty.

Rahab the harlot was one such person. She was likely a Canaanite priestess, having sex with “worshippers” and was herself a worshipper of false gods. Yet, God saved her. He transformed her from a harlot to Royalty. In fact, she is mentioned in Matthew’s genealogy of Christ. Royal blood! He can do the same for you too. Let Him flush your tank and fill you with proper fuel. That will be a day you won’t forget.