Before Nancy and I got married, I worked briefly for a construction company.  I was a helper, a gopher, and whatever else you might call an incompetent person without a clue.  Most every employee had his own tool chest with all kinds of assorted tools for most every occasion. I was required to have two tools on me at all times; a tape measure and some pencils.  Yeah, they obviously thought I was invaluable to the company.

I have taken this knowledge one step farther.  I now have duct tape.  But, I digress.  We need tools to get the job done.

The apostle Paul wrote that we have been chosen, predestined and sealed by God Himself for a purpose.  Given that each of us has a purpose it only makes sense that God would give us some tools to accomplish the various tasks at hand.  He has made available to all believers wisdom, riches and power.  Not the earthly kind of wisdom, riches and power mind you, but the kind that comes from heaven itself.  To engage in spiritual work, we need spiritual tools.

So much wisdom is available in the Proverbs of Solomon.  The riches of grace, mercy and Christ Himself as well as power from the Holy Spirit enable us to do His will.

No pencils or tape measures necessary…well, maybe some duct tape.