Fathers House was formed in June of 1996 when the pastors of three local churches believed that God was calling them to merge their churches into one church.

Pastor Larry Russell was on his way to watch his son-in-law play football at the University of Washington when he felt God spoke very clearly that three specific churches in Longview were to merge together. After pondering the idea for more than two weeks he approached Pastor Jim Bass to see what he thought about the possibility.

After a positive response both Larry and Jim met with Pastor Paul Treichel. The three agreed to pray and talk with trusted friends about the idea and meet again. At the next meeting everyone felt that this might be God and decided to pursue the idea.

Following several meetings with leader teams from all three churches, the churches began to meet once a month for joint services. After two months it was generally accepted that the churches should merge together and form a new church.

Given the distinct theological differences of the founding pastors many gave the church only a few months to survive, but God had something else in mind. Fathers House was to be an example of preferring one another and dying to old ways of thinking, while seeking what God wants. Fathers House has also been active in the Regional Church, a growing group of churches in Kelso and Longview that work together to reach out to the community.  It is an effort to show that the church is bigger than just one little meeting or congregation on one street corner.

In 2001, Pastor Paul Treichel who was the senior pastor of the three, moved to Las Vegas where he is currently on staff at the Chuch of South Las Vegas.  At that time, the three pastors remaining here and the elders left at Fathers House agreed that God was calling Chuck Tilton to become the senior pastor at Fathers House.

Today, under the new pastoral team’s leadership.  Fathers House continues to welcome anyone who is hungry for more of God in their lives.  We want to press into God for all that we can have of Him and become a church that manifests His glory and His love in our everyday lives with signs, wonders and miracles following us, just as Jesus commanded us to do.  As a congregation, we are eager for and excited to see where God will take Fathers House next.