Do you like it in front of people?  Doing behind the scenes stuff?  Are you a people person?  Or are you handy building things?  Whoever you are…we have a place for you…a great way to meet people and serve our Lord by serving here at Fathers House…





“Baby Food” & “Comfort Food” Ministry

Be part of the Team here at Fathers House that blesses people’s hearts and tummies at the same time!!!

These are the two prongs of our meal-taking ministry where our vol­un­teers take meals to people in our Body who are go­ing through hard or chal­len­g­ing times ~ like illness, surgery, a death in the family, a crisis or emer­gency ~ or hav­ing a new baby! ~ Or, in some cases, both!!!

You do NOT need to be a great cook to do this!  (Barb Shelton is living proof of this!)  You can even buy a meal, if you prefer, and take it!

Our current Team is awesome, but because the need is great, we would love to have more helpers to share the load!

If you want to do this, email Barb Shelton and you’ll be added to an email list that re­ceives notifica­tions whenever help is needed.  You are always free to not respond to these, but to choose ones that work within your availa­bility.  If you can take a meal (at least) once every 3 or 4 requests, though, it will help keep the work load spread out more evenly among the team members.