Pastor Chuck and Nancy Tilton

Chuck has been the Lead Pastor at Fathers House Church since 2002.  Before that he was the church’s Youth Pastor for many years.  He plays guitar and is one of the worship band leaders.  Chuck been married to his wife, Nancy, since 1985 and they have three kids, Rachael, Rebekah and Max.

Nancy is a registered nurse and is the administrative pastor for Fathers House.  She assists in maintaining the day to day running of the church.

Chuck believes the church should be “presence driven.”  This means simply that the focus of the church should be about attracting the presence of Jesus.  Jesus is attracted by worship, so therefore, worship is a major priority here at Fathers House.

Chuck attended California Baptist University and later graduated from Liberty University with his Bachelor’s degree.  He completed his Master’s in Pastoral Counseling in December of 2009, from Liberty University.  Chuck believes that the gifts of the Spirit are for today and that people should ask for and pursue these gifts.  He believes the Bible to be inspired by God and should be read, believed and applied to our lives.

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Pastor Austin and Amber Nordstrom

austin & amberAustin and Amber Nordstrom were brought together by the ministry of The Vine. Even though each had known of the other for nearly 10 years, their lives had never crossed paths until the Lord called both to work with college students and young adults within the Lower Columbia Area. It was exactly one year after their initial ministry meeting that they were married. Amber and Austin Now have 4 children Trace, Lincoln, Quintin, and Aja. 
Austin has been very excited about all the Lord is doing with the college age and the doors that have been opening on LCC campus for ministry and opportunity. He has been involved with a ministry on LCC campus called the Campus Christian Club where they host events and have meetings throughout the year on campus. The Vine has become more involved on LCC campus then it ever has been.
The Vine is a ministry that is really about building relationships not only with God but with others between the ages of 18-25. The 18-25 range is the biggest black hole in the church and my hope is that we would be a ministry that catches this age group and helps them become leaders that know and walk in John 15:5 bearing much fruit and remaining in Christ. If you are on the edge of checking out this ministry DO IT! You will be welcomed and get to know others who love Jesus!
Austin also has a huge heart for Junior High students. Every Sunday during second service right after announcements he holds a group for 6-8 graders called gravity. His hope is that the kids would be pulled in by the Lord and that the students would get to know them on a deeper level. We have a snack and a few games to get all the kids moving then we have about a 10-15 minute interactive message.
We would ask that you pray for our marriage, that the Lord would continue to teach us and draw us closer to Him and each other. We would also ask prayer for the Lord’s vision and direction for The Vine and the campus Christian club. That we would always move where He is moving, not where we think we should be moving. Pray also that the Lord would show up every time, whether it be in the entire group that comes on Tuesday or just in the individual lives of college students and young adults throughout this region. We are so ready to see His name be made famous in all the land!
Thank you and may the Lord bless you and your family always!

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Pastor Sam and  Sharnessa Sanden

Sam Sanden & family

Sam and Sharnessa have been serving as pastors at Fathers House since January 2002.

Sam is a Swedish native, born and raised in Sweden. After serving in the Swedish Air Force, he moved to London, England in 1997 to attend International Bible Institute of London (I.B.I.O.L.)  After finishing his training there, he went on to serve as interim pastor at the Covent Garden branch of Kensington Temple/London City Church.

Sharnessa was born and raised in Longview, Washington.  After being home schooled from kindergarten to graduating high school, she went to New York where she nannied for a year.  The following year, 1998, she attended the School of Creative Ministries (part of I.B.I.O.L.) in London, England.

Whilst in Bible College, Sam and Sharnessa met, and they married in 2000.  Sharnessa then went on to become a member of the Essential Records pop group, V*Enna, and Sam became the road manager.  After two years of ministry in Europe and in the US/Canada (being based in Manchester, England), they moved to Longview (Sharnessa’s home town) in 2001, right after 9/11. They’ve been residing there since and now have two beautiful sons, Chase and Weston.

Having served as Youth Pastors at Fathers House for nine years, Sam is now the Associate Pastor, with the main focus being Catalyst Groups (the small group ministry at FHC) and Outreach/Missions.

As well as being pastors, Sharnessa and Sam own Fresh Attitude Dance Studio where Sharnessa teaches Hip-Hop/Pop/Street dance classes…impacting the community for Christ in a different way.

Sam and Sharnessa’s heart is to see the bride of Christ fall madly in love with Jesus and serve Him all out…to be passionate for and serve those in their “fields”…and to be equipped and trained to impact their world for Christ, through lives totally surrendered to the King of Kings.

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Pastor Chris and Haley Toms

Chris and Haley are the Youth Pastors at Fathers House Church. They minister to Youth ages 12-18 on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00 PM. Call or e-mail them if you have any questions.










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Pastor Gary and Shana Chapin

Pastor Gary and  Shana Chapin. Shana and he got married in 2000 and their two kids are Jordan and Teagan.
Gary enjoys computer work and teaching kids about Jesus, along with Madden football.  His favorite food is Corn Fritters from Sizzler and his non-favorite food is lettuce and apples (yuck!) He is most proud of his hair and his  award winning TV show, WFET.

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