When: Wednesdays 6:30pm-8pm. Starts September 16th


Where: Sanctuary 

In today's society truth seems to become more and more relative, but as believers, we know that the Bible tells us otherwise. What is the foundation we as believers are building on? Do we truly have a biblical worldview that we base our outlook on life?

Wednesday September 16th, we are launching a new mid-week video study called the Truth Project. The Truth Project is a 12 week study that will give you an in-depth Christian worldview and give opportunity for you to learn through watching the video as well as have a chance to be part of discussing what we're learning. Each night goes from 6:30-8pm and features a video about an hour long and discussion following.

This study is a great opportunity to learn what the Bible says about topics like philosophy and ethics, who man is, science and the Bible, history, sociology, our call etc. etc.

Breakfast TBA

Mens Breakfast


Where: Sanctuary 

Once a month we offer a men's breakfast at the church from 9 - 10am. We're not talking muffins and crumb cakes either. It is a full breakfast with things like bacon and eggs, chicken fried steak, hash browns and other tasty male-approved foods. Usually 40-60 men show up to enjoy this hour to listen to a good message and/or testimony and a chance to meet new friends. It is open to all men high school and up. Come and feel free to invite a friend.

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